Flash Fiction

Emmie Acton Cooper
First Kindle Original Edition, 2011
©2009 by Emmie Acton Cooper

Publisher’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters or incidents are the product of the authors
Imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental. I do not own the rights to the Illustration on the cover, public domain.

     My mother jumped from her seat, several yards away from me. She stood still on the glittering, white sand, catching her breath. There was a gentle warm breeze blowing, making a few tall palm trees move gently, rolling and dancing with the wind’s rhythm.  
           “She can’t swim! She can’t swim! She blurted.                                                                                 “Oh!” A cry echoed from the spectators that gathered around the beach at the bottom of the tall, rustic, wooden pier. Below I could see the menacing angry sea waters, crashing violently against the pier’s posts. The wave’s edges blurred. I clung to the rotten wood boards, with the desperation of a monkey dangling from a broken tree branch and about to be devoured by a ravenous jungle beast. My body dangled half on, half off the high, ashy wooden pier.
       “Somebody help her please!” My mother screamed her graved face pale and desperately waved hers hands above her head. No one moved. I focused my eyes on the end of the dock; someone had risen from a wheelchair. His legs covered in a white cast and wobbling he took a small step. My arms slipped a little, my stomach dropped but I kept hanging to the rustic grayish wood while I took a deep breath and swayed my legs in an attempt to get them up onto the pier.
       I felt the hard wooden boards under my clammy palms, and felt my fingers starting to give in under my weight. Below, the water had a murky aqua color with fluorescent sparkles beaming an incandescent shine.
      I felt intrigued and let go.
     The water rushed and swallowed me in one big gulp. I went down quickly like a heavy brick as the murky aqua water covered my head. I looked up at the big shiny ball that was the sun as I kept whirling down and my long auburn hair swayed on top of me. 

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