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Princess Camryn is a kind, humble girl who is taught to believe she is a horrendous creature. Mirrors were prohibited at the castle.  Although her family was revolted by the princess, the whole court loved her. Being unattractive was not acceptable for this arrogant Royal family known for their exquisite beauty.  The only way to prevent Princess Camryn from becoming a Queen is to make her disappear forever.  With the help of her sister, the Queen finds a warlock to cast a spell on the Princess.  The princess is cursed to a sparkling rivulet form by the despicable warlock. The only way to break the spell was for a kind, handsome prince to fall in love with her in her new form before she turned eighteen and for him to seal and dry the creek’s source. (ages 3+)

 Aonghus the once friendly black howler monkey belonging to Sandra turns into a killer after her alcoholic brother Victor viciously tormented and abused it. 
In search of a better life for her two young children she travels to the city and brings her mother to take care of her children and her hopeless brother. With Sandra away ruthless Victor intensifies his abuse and cruelly sets the monkey’s tail on fire. 
The infuriated wild animal tries to extinguish the fire by wrapping his tail around Victor’s neck suffocating him and leaving the children and grandmother trapped in a hut with an enraged animal in the middle of the jungle. (YA)

Cover image for Faceless Princess by:*sygnin at
Aonghus cover design: Acton Cooper


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