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Lately I haven’t being writing much, so I decided to go through my pile of shelved stories and books.  What prompted me to do this? 

Well, before I became a writer I had a small group of close friends with whom I engaged in almost daily conversations.  After I decided to be a writer and shared some of my stories with them, I noticed they became distant. I attributed this to life. We are all busy with life. But then someone asked me “Where do you come up with these stories? They’re a tad violent!”  At the time I didn’t put too much thought on the question until a few weeks ago when I read another writer’s dark stories.  

See, I am not capable of watching horror or scary movies without having nightmares for weeks.  I prefer comedies, children movies (Puss in Boots is my latest favorite children’s film) and romance. I’m sensitive and kind or so I’d been told. So, when I started reading a virtual friend’s work it clicked! This virtual friend (You know who you are, lol) has a fantastic, frightening writing talent and imagination. I’m not talking about ghosts or things that go bump in the dark but the kind that involves psychopathic, violent behavior and makes you lock your doors and your skin crawl. The author mentioned stalking and kidnapping on a private message and it made me uneasy. I’m sure my tales made her anxious too or perhaps made her think I was a stalker, ha-ha!  She sounds like a wonderful person but this exchange of messages and stories made me realize if I felt uncomfortable with my virtual friend’s stories I could’ve most certainly made my friends uneasy as well.  

I’m not sure if this has happened to any other writer out there but it made me go through my work and read and question my dark side.
Does writing horror make me a disturbed writer? Of course not! It’s fiction, a product of a creative imagination. Horror stories are meant to elicit fear from the reader and it doesn’t reflect or brings out the author’s inner violent desires. At least not in my case :)
I’ve been doing some research on the topic “Are writers’ disturbed people?” and try coming up with some facts or experiences but haven’t been successful.  If you have a story please share with us. What are your experiences as a horror writer?

I grew up in a sheltered environment but not excluded from appalling or ghastly situations. I use horror to probe and face my fears. I hope that tempting the dark corners of my mind becomes a gift rather than a curse.  We all have a dark side in us and once in while it’s okay to look at it right in the eye; it helps us grow stronger and fearless. At least I hope so; I still can’t watch a horror movie :o)

I encourage you to embrace your inner darkness and embrace the gory monstrous creatures there. Hey, they might just be big furry, blue cuddly monsters. 

As for my friends…they are just busy with life.


  1. Good for you Emmie! This was a really great article. I probably shouldn't answer the questions you pose. Am I disturbed? Probably not, but I could be if you wanted me to! :) And I hope you don't let your friends or anyone else tell you that your stories are too dark. Like you said, it's not a reflection on you.


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