Marketing Part Two: Hook Them

In my search for self-publishing help and marketing ideas for books and short stories, I’d come to the conclusion that I could do both, marketing and writing. I have to be disciplined and dedicate a day or two to just marketing and the rest to writing which is my passion. However, I don’t think I should be adding anymore clutter by reviewing books. I decided to leave the reviewing part to our wonderful book blogger. I’ll still adopt a self-pub or an indie writer here and there and I hope I get adopted as well. I just feel there are so much repetition and not much information about the “how to do’s” about self-pub marketing. I’d been paddling the vast ocean of information out there looking for information on this topic. Some of us have full length novels in the market, some are just getting our feet wet by publishing our shorts before our full length novels hit the market, but we all have one goal in common: Reach and entertain an audience. Here are some ideas:

-  Create a sticker for your bumper with your book cover.
-  Create a book video/ trailer.
-  By hook and crook…give a book :)

Here are some links for creating an inexpensive book trailer as well as some links for free photos and sound. I’m not endorsing either one. I’ll be experiment with this myself and hope to come up with a great product and share it with you. I hope this helps. Of course if you have an idea please feel free to share it with us.

Windows Movie Maker (software to make video)
Adobe Audition (formerly Cool edit pro)
Sony Vegas


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