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I’m not an expert in marketing but would like to share what I’ve seen and learnt so far. It seems that in today’s publishing and self-publishing world, even if you’re the best, you’ve got to keep reminding your readers. And if you are just starting out it can get be difficult to get noticed and attract readers. 

What I seen is that sometimes it means doing something unusual to attract attention and make sure your readers remember you. I’m not very good at “producing novels in mass quantity” I have spent a few years working on some and just started others. I do try to write a short story once in a while and give my mind a break from a piece I might be working on. I admire Authors that can seem to flawlessly write novel after novel, and are able to offer their readers a quality book. This seems to help them stay on their audience's mind. Some others produce one or two pieces and are remembered year after year. How do they do it? How do they find time to market their book and write and/or hold a job at the same time?
Madcap marketing seem to work for some of them, like doing something wacky, wild, or crazy to get attention and for others just having a web presence seem to work just find. But how about if you don’t have a buck to hire a marketing agency or have a publisher house holding your back, then what can you do to get your books noticed. Get web connected, go on forums, and introduce yourself to book reviewers. The internet is mind-boggling in its potential to reach many readers. I’m sure you knew that. I didn’t (I know a little primitive ha-ha) but I’m finding out how it does help reach and stay in contact with an audience. Yet its capacity to gobble up hours of precious time with your family, friends, reading and writing time is just as astounding.

So, I’m trying to determine my goals and plot the most efficient way to wear my writer’s hat as well as the other wacky hats I have to wear and write, write, write. One thing is certain, our readers or potential readers always check back on us even if we don’t mass produce stories. They just like to be kept on the loop and be informed about your work. Whether you are working on blurbs (I’m not very good at those by the way) or other projects. Another thing I’d learn… keep your postings short and simple. Sorry, this one got too long : )


  1. Thanks for the advice--I'm new to this self-publishing thing and sometimes I feel like I'm doing everything wrong. But then I see that sometimes I get it right but I'm always looking to improve. Thanks!

  2. Hang in there Allison, it gets better :) Thank you for stopping by!


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