The best advice I gave myself today: ‘Finish one of your books and then work on the others, instead of working on three at the same time!’ If only I could figure out how to put together a puzzle I made out of notes written on napkins, notebooks, planners, clothes tags (you can laugh) and business cards…hmmm. My good friend suggested recipe cards. I should try it.

My goal when I started this blog last October was to publish all my short stories by the end of last year so you could get to know me and my writing style. I was able to publish three stories and I'm working on polishing the rest. Right now they're offered in digital format only at Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Nobles Nook. I will also have a promotional event where you will be able to acquire them from Amazon's Kindle online bookstore free of charge for a day or two. I'll post the event day here.

I’m so close to finish two of my books (fifty pages or so) but my muse refuses to come closer to me and when she does she gets frighten easily and leaves. When she leaves she takes with her any artistic power. She peaks through the window at times and gives me a glimpse at what my creativeness could accomplish. I flirt with her (or him) and write the sudden flashes of creative talent this sparks on anything I could get my hands on. Even my shirt! 

I do have a folder where I deposit these little pieces of artistic power but sometimes she just appears knocking at my door at the wrong time and I hurriedly put this little pieces of ingenuity in my purse, pocket etc.

Oh well, better go back to finish reading Villette. I have a long list of books I got from The Story Siren and GoodReads that I’d like to read this year, including “Cracked” and “On the Bright Side” by S.R Johannes. They sound out of the ordinary.


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