New Year New Short Story!

My goal this year was to publish all my short stories by the end of the year. I have been writing for a few years now and have a few of them. Well I failed at publishing all of them. Not for a lack of effort but for lack of money to hire an editor. I have terrific friends that helped me in the past but as many of you know it's a tedious work and well they have their lives to live as well :)

I hope to read, write and publish more in the coming year. In the mean time check out my newest published story "The Case of the Missing Cupcakes"as well as my other ones. I welcome your comments and advice to help me become a better writer. I hope to someday be in The Story Siren's List! (great site you should check it out).

Thank you all for visiting my page and for your support.
Happy New Year!!


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