Love to Write

"A storm has been threatening me to come over for some time. I know it is coming. I’ve been expecting it for a while. The sun feels cold and hard today but I’m enjoying the calm before the storm. Who says I can’t? Snowflakes are shinning down like diamonds over the trees but the sun still feels cold and hard over my skin. I hope it doesn’t stay like this since is been that way for what it seems like forever." 
-(Acton Cooper)-

Being a writer is a constant roller coaster. Writers are constantly evolving and trying to become better at it. Someone told me writers don’t become better overnight and to not get discourage that yesterday and the day before there were writer’s already struggling. Today I was told “It is time to develop a thick skin” and to try not to smack the one’s that say “Anyone can write, what’s so hard about it?” :)


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