Synopsis Misery

I loathe writing synopses. 

I’m in synopsis misery zone (sigh). 

I have some stories that keep talking to me to turn them into longer works. I also have two unfinished books that are in need of one. I have a beginning and an ending for them and it is my understanding that the stories will develop as I go along and tide both loose ends. 

I learned that writing a synopsis helps bringing both ends together. Never imagined it was this difficult. I read most writers hate them. I’m glad I’m not alone on this as I try to pare down in a few pages or sentences the stories that took weeks, months or even years to write. I look at my manuscripts and nothing comes up even thought I created the characters, the turmoil, twists and turns. 

As I did some research trying to get out of Synopsis Misery Zone  I learned some writers prefer to write one before the story begins…I find that tricky since the stories usually change as I write them. Others said a good synopsis is at least six paragraphs long…hmm an entire novel in six paragraphs. This might be a tricky one to decode. Hopefully practice will make them better. Wish me luck!


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