Life Interrupted

While listening to Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve this morning, I imagined a couple of teens waking up in the morning and getting dressed in a hurry under their parents watchful eyes. I’m mouthing the song and the images keep coming…The song is playing in their heads, over and over. Then they leave their house with a small bag full of clothes and some money, their heart twisted and turned in pain. They are wearing gray clothing and their hair is styled neatly as if they were going to an elegant party. It’s an overcast day in Vienna. As they walk, another group of teenagers appear on the same road and they walk together for some time until they reach the end of the road and the road splits up in four different directions. The teenagers look at each other with glassy eyes. They hug and kiss each other as each one of them takes a different path towards their future unrealistic life…and hope some kind of light fills their darkness soon. Who are they? Why were they sent away? Help me write this story!


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