In order for our novels and stories seed to gestate and grow we need to not look back. Editing before finishing the first draft is not a good idea. I started to kill my darlings and butchered some not too bad flowery prose. Now I’m stuck. I haven’t been able to write anything in my manuscripts for a few weeks now. I’m starting to understand why editing too early can kill a novel. Don’t take me wrong, it is okay to reread what you have written and correct any spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. However at the same time make notes or highlight things you believe need to be fixed. Do not hit the backspace button or delete anything!  You might decide that you need it later ( I did ). Editing prematurely indulges our fears that our manuscript might be flawed or unclear. It is best to leave it for when you finish you first draft or you might start to do what I did and kill your darlings without realizing that you could have fix them with a little work. We need not to get discourage by this or anything. Conquer your fears and keep writing. Finish that novel or short story in your drawer and forget the old red pen. We can fix it later!


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