Today is the day!

Hello world! I finally decided to post a blog. My inspiration? A couple things, my beloved friends who believe I have some talent, my passion for writing, my desire to share my stories and Amanda Hocking. She is such a talented young writer and a brilliant business woman. About me...there isn't much to tell you. I do, would like to tell you my first language is not English and ask you to please forgive me and kindly correct me when I make I mistake, which I'm sure I constantly do. Secondly, I always wanted to be a writer but in my country, being a writer is such a cliche that I just put it away. Then, after many years of putting it away and getting out of a not very healthy relationship, the loving care and editing help of a beloved friend and the inspirational story of Amanda Hocking, I'm here, contemplating the world through a screen. I'm writing this post under a pen name for personal reasons, however my first name it is Emmie. I won't lie to you. I do hope to make some money and save my home and keep my kids in college, but mostly, I would like to share my stories with you. I'll post an excerpt and if you like it you can buy the whole story from amazon for. I'm still not sure how to go about publishing my stories, it's a work in progress. I'm working on several projects right now but it has been a slow process. I just started a full-time job (thank God, I'd been out of work for so long) and my writing has been suffering. Needless to say, I hope you like some of my stories and give me advice and ideas as well. Thank you so much visiting and hope to see you here often! Here is an excerpt of one of my stories, The Shoemaker's Raincoat. Just click on the stories link and if you like to read more let me know. I hope to learn soon how to upload them on amazon! I hope you like it...Have a fabulous  day.

Update: Having technical issues...can't upload a book cover. Bummer.  


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