Here are the links to two of my free short stories on Smashwords. Don't forget to grab your free copy of Nightmares and Dreams by Nicola Black. I'd been having issues with formatting my pieces for their premium catalog. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your continued support!


The Faceless Princess

Free Ebooks

Hello dear followers and lurkies! My e-books The Faceless Princess and Aonghus are free for the weekend at I'd like you to know they are "BETA" and the finalized version will be for sale by the end of the month.

Also, it's mentioned on a review the name "Camryn" is misspelled. I'd like to clarify, it is not.
Here is the definition.
Camryn meaning and name origin:\c(a)-mr-
yn, cam-ryn\ as a girl's name is a variant of Cameron (Scottish, Gaelic), and the meaning of Camryn is "crooked nose".

I hope you enjoy them and help me expand the story. Disney needs a new Princess : )
Have a fabulous weekend!

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Black Oil, Red Blood